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Newborn Preparation

The key to a loved-up stress free newborn session...


The day before your session -

- Take notice of the light in your home. What pockets get good light at the same time your session will be?

- Bring in some natural fibres such as a bunch of flowers or bringing some plants to the main areas of your home. 

- Have a little tidy up of the main areas of your home (bedroom, lounge/dining) and reduce the clutter (if you have the time and/or help of course!... I can always help when I get there)

- Change your bed linen - white or a light colour is always best for teeny newborns as bright or dark colours can cast onto their skin.

The day of the session -

- Before our session I like to suggest a warm bath for Bub as well as a big feed to help make them sleepy. 

- Dress Bub in something plain and simple that doesn't need to be lifted over their head if we need to undress them.

- If it is cold, a warm heater can also be a nice addition to ensure Bub stays warm and comfortable.

- During the session be sure to remind yourself of why I am there - to document you with your baby. Focus on them and your connection with each family member. Play with them, snuggle them, touch the baby's toes, touch noses, trace their face...

- What I can bring - a white noise machine, swaddles, blankets, baby outfits and something for mama to wear. Please let me know if there is anything in particular you would like!

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