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Tips for styling your kids for photoshoots...

Over the years I have had loads of questions about this topic.

First of all, outfits and styling is a massive factor when planning for a photoshoot.

There are many things to consider...


First things first, you want your little ones to be as comfortable as possible so be sure to keep the weather in mind when choosing your outfits. Hats are a great option for sunny days and can be great for mixing up the look of photos as you can easily pop it on and off. Maybe even throw in a chunky knit or blanket for the end of the session once the sun starts to dip down.


The location of your shoot should also be a factor to think about. Will you be walking on gravel paths and need proper shoes? Is there water nearby and will your kids be inclined to jump in? I always suggest to pack swimmers for little ones just in case.

Colour palettes

This is one of my favourite things to talk about and is so helpful, especially if you have a big family!

A colour palette is a group of colours that compliment each other, I usually like to stick to 3 - 6 colours.

If there is a statement piece that one of you have chosen start with that, especially if it is a brighter colour or a pattern. A bit of colour is fine, but I do like to suggest muted or softer tones as sometimes primary colours can be distracting from the moment that is captured.

My favourites colours for styling are beige, brown, sage, white, tan, mustard and muted tones. I find that these colours are not as distracting and are more likely to match and compliment the location.


Including different textures in your outfits can be a beautiful addition. Some textures and materials can also help to create movement in images.

Here are my favourite kids stores if your child's wardrobe needs a little something before your session:


I have been a fan of Sukoo the Label since the beginning and have a bunch of their pieces and the quality is beautiful. Their chunky knits for babies are just gorgeous, and look so sweet thrown over a little dress or paired with some bloomers. They also have some beautiful swimwear options for kids if your shoot is near water.

Shop Sukoo clothes here - Use code KRISTEN for 10% off


If you have a Bub or one on the way and haven't heard of Chekoh, do yourself a favour and click on the link below! Not only do they have the BEST baby carriers, they also have the softest, stretchiest baby swaddles, which are perfect for wrapping your baby up.

Shop Chekoh swaddles here


Hank Knitwear has quickly become a go to for newborn photographers and there's a reason why! Penny is so talented and hand makes every single piece, creating heirloom vintage inspired knits to keep for a lifetime.

Give me a baby in a bonnet any day!

Shop Hank Knitwear here - Join the email list for 10% off


(Pics taken off Banskia website)

Banksia is a fave of mine for little ones. The range of labels they stock are gorgeous and they are always getting in fresh threads. When in doubt, I jump on their website and can always find something that works.

My favourite labels from Banksia for littles are - Illoura the Label, By Billie, Valencia, Lenn Label and Alakai

Shop Banksia clothes here - Join the email list for 10% off


Aster and Oak is another one of those brands I have loved for my own children and always suggest them for dressing bugs for shoots. Their organic fabrics are as soft as butter which are perfect for babies sensitive skin and they have the sweetest designs. Lately I have been loving their knitwear too which are perfect for layering, giving you multiple options for different looks within your session.

Shop Aster and Oak here

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