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Styling advice

It is so normal to feel unsure about what you all should wear for a photoshoot, don't worry even I have been there! Read below and you can always chat with me to build your outfits, it is all a part of the service. Some people like to even bring multiple outfits, especially for maternity sessions. 

I also have a client closet to borrow from. you can take a look here.

COMFORT - Number one thing is comfort! I want you to be comfortable during our shoot and I want you to feel like yourself!

MATCH THE LOCATION - plan your outfits around the conditions at the location. and don't forget your feet! If you know you'll be walking, bring comfy shoes, we can always kick them off if we need to. 

COLOUR PALETTES - this is a biggie! I usually suggest to aim for neutrals, earthy tones and textured materials. These colours compliment the outdoor environment and look beautiful when printed and displayed on your walls. In saying that, if you have a vision for a pop of colour for a funky vibe I'm all for it!

Colour is fine, but I like to suggest muted or softer tones. Sometimes primary colours can distract from the main subject.

For families it's best to keep your palette to a max of four colours. A good idea is for one person to wear a feature colour or pattern and have everyone else's outfit compliment that. 

My favourites - tan, mustard, beige, white, sage green, apricot, brown, pastel pink

TEXTURE AND MOVEMENT -  Pick fabrics that flow and move. ones that add a cosy texture or get picked up by the wind, and sparkle in the sunshine. 

A wool jumper is a great option to throw over at the end of a sunset session as it gets cool and changes the outfit up for a different look as well as adds texture. It also looks super cute for those cuddly shots!

Other great fabrics are lace, cotton and linen. 

ACCESSORIES - Hats and blankets are another great option to give you versatility in your photos. if were heading near water a towel is also a must!

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